How to Make Nation’s Critical Infrastructure Cyber Safe
Critical infrastructure systems and services such as electric grid, communications, banking, health care, transportation, and others keep the society humming. Their absence can bring life to a standstill by resulting in contamination of the water supply, loss of power across major cities causing everything from ATMs to traffic lights to go dark. Consequently, their inability to perform can exert a draining impact on national security, economic security, public health, and safety.
5 Easy Ways to Make Your Workplace Cyber Safe
Ponemon Institute, a research center that focuses on privacy, data protection, and information security, have found that one-third of data breaches are caused due to an employee or a negligent contractor. A simple act, as innocuous as a single click on a malicious link in an email, can trigger a severe security disaster. And this severity can uproot an entire business.
How to Land Upon Lucrative Cyber Security Jobs
Protecting precious data and shielding computer networks from evil groups. It can share a lyrical resemblance with a plot of an espionage novel. Though it may sound like a slight exaggeration, careers in cybersecurity offer very much the same – that too on a regular basis. As the second week’s theme for National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October is educating for a career in cybersecurity, it’s worth to throw a light on the actual nature and possibilities of cybersecurity jobs.
5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cyber Safe
From being a hindrance, cybersecurity has quickly become a grueling menace now. The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ report has found that close to $600 billion, nearly one percent of global GDP, is lost to cybercrime each year. What is worrying is it’s up from a 2014 study that put global losses at about $445 billion. Looking at this steadily growing threat, the collaborative decision of the Government and the industry to observe National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October looks like an initiative in the right direction.