Data Center Transformation and Consolidation Services

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Against the backdrop of disruptive technologies, unsupportive software or hardware platforms offered by third-party vendors, and changing economic trends, enterprise data center has significantly become a decisive component in the IT industry.

Data center consolidation is not considered as an everyday task as migrating an organization’s application(s) from one location to another, or from one platform to another, can involve complex risks. Nowadays, IT leaders undertake a cost-effective analysis prior to consolidation, which helps them assess the existing infrastructure before initiating migration to a modern infrastructure. This strategy also helps enterprises meet the organizational objectives and fulfill the business needs of customers who demand prompt services.

Integration International, Inc., (i3) Data Center Consolidation and Migration services provide an end-to-end solution for consolidating, as well as, migrating your existing data center to a more modern infrastructure. The data centers must support the agile infrastructure by leveraging virtualization and cloud technology, software-defined infrastructure, and automation. i3’s professional consulting team of experts will evaluate your operations based on these factors and provide recommendations in the best of our ability. We allow enterprises to better control their data center assets and make the new data center more agile, economical, efficient, reliable, and risk-free.

Services include:
  • Consulting
  • Assessment
  • Architectural Design
  • Migration Services

Embrace a modern Data Center Infrastructure to strike the right balance of computing to thrive better.

i3 can help with your consolidation in several ways:

  • Designing Migration Approach
  • Consolidation Solutions

  • Data Center Assessment and Audit Services
  • Business Continuity Assessment and Audit
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning

  • Monitoring and Helpdesk Services

Rising IT Consolidation and Modernization to spur double-digit growth until 2020.

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