Infrastructure Security

With more companies substantially relying on cloud computing nowadays; malware, viruses, and rising cyber threats are lurking in cyberspace, striking high fear in the IT industry across the globe. In order to overcome the threats and adopt integrated networks and effective BYOD policies, several companies have turned to Integration International, Inc.’s (i3) Infrastructure Security services for industry best tools, expert consultants, and a full-suite comprehensive assessment.

i3’s Infrastructure Security services will help you plan, design, build, deploy, test, and manage the overall IT security infrastructure. We help you manage your IT risks at all levels of an organization. We leverage our comprehensive infrastructure security services portfolio, which covers all the elements of IT environment including users, data, infrastructure, application, and governance.

Our offered solutions are suitable for all existing and new generation technologies that offer end-to-end coverage of secure and integrated infrastructure. We deploy unique delivery methodologies and customized solutions to meet individual client business needs. Some of the prominent solutions we offer are endpoint protection, the web and e-mail security, perimeter security, virtual private networks, APT protection, mobile device management, and SCADA security.

We also partner with globally-recognized infrastructure security specialists who are field leaders with years of hands-on experience.

Establish the need for intrinsic infrastructure security framework to combat and mitigate cyber threats.

Key Areas We Cover:

i3’s expert consultants are extremely knowledgeable of the IT security infrastructure domain. With great access to a pool of talented professionals having years of experience, you can rest assured our expert skills in the design, implementation, and management of e-mail security, advanced firewalls, intrusion detection & prevention, mobile security, as well as, cloud security is infallible.

Our Services at a Glance:
  • Security Architecture Consulting
  • Security Managed Services
  • Infrastructure Risk Assessment & Management
  • Security Compliance & Certification

Firewall Optimization / Suggestions
ISE Services
Security Operations (SOC)
Threat Detection and Prevention
Secure Cloud Internet Gateway

Higher spending on the SaaS and PaaS portion of the Cloud Hardware and Infrastructure Software expected to push the market to US$55 bn by 2026.

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