Storage Consulting

i3 has the expertise in data centers, application-specific storage silos, and cloud-based solutions that span across all sectors because we comprehend that different industry sectors have diverse internal and external dynamics of how data is managed. We offer storage management consulting services to enterprise customers owning large and complex IT infrastructure, storage and data centers across multiple locations. Through our consultation, we help our clients optimize, simplify, standardize, and automate their IT infrastructure by reducing management complexities, simplifying deployment, and building a strong base for automation and administration of data centers.

Clients can Overcome their Work Challenges Using Our Storage Management Consulting

Our storage and data management consulting services provide secure control, reduce expenditure, and visibility of your corporate data. These services are specifically designed to help customers in building enterprise information security policies, processes, secure data leakage prevention strategy, build electronic prevention strategy, secure applications, and help achieve information security standard certification.

Value-driven Storage Consulting services for an optimized and integrated infrastructure.

We understand the importance of protecting your corporate data and thus, through a process of audit, assessment, implementation, and delivery, our storage management experts recommend and perform the following tasks:

  • Identify mission-critical data
  • Assess the quantity and purpose of all your corporate data
  • Implement and manage cost-effective storage regimes
  • Implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Identify and provide the best storage platforms for your business

You can take advantage of our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) consulting to improve your staff efficiency, satisfy regulatory scrutiny, mitigate fraud risk, prevent data losses and increase the ROI of your company.

Design and Consultation of Storage devices
Backup Design Engineering and Implementation
Upgrade and Migration

Escalating adoption of Cloud Storage gateways will approximately attract 80% of all Storage Consulting engagements through 2019.

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