Cloud Application Virtualization

Applications are extremely important to users or organizations to stay compatible and productive in a work or home environment. However, for many users, the problem surfaces in how to manage hundreds or thousands of applications in different formats and standardize them in one common application format. Many IT service providers provide a solution for this issue but can’t cope up with the resources or the time required to manage or convert applications into updated formats.

Owing to the proliferation of new and unique user demands, the consumer devices for mobility, cloud technologies, and application virtualization are some of the factors tremendously growing in popularity. An adoption of application virtualization can aid you with quick recovery, deployment, and management of applications while providing advanced security and portability. Application virtualization allows you to run applications on your desktop without the need to install the application.

At Integration International, Inc., (i3) cloud application virtualization is dealt at a whole new level. We provide virtual desktop cloud-based services and assist you in the transition of your asset management systems to a fully integrated user experience. Through flexible virtualization, integrated platform, and the implementation of the most powerful application management systems, i3 helps you manage your IT in a better way. Our cloud application virtualization services will reduce your efforts of implementing new technologies for your IT infrastructure because they’re designed to accelerate deployment, improve application support, and increase flexibility in terms of practice.

Our experts can help clients speed up their adoption by testing compatibility across their existing application virtualization technologies and formats.

Use our application virtualization tools to gain the benefits of your private cloud and SaaS strategy.

Major Benefits
Ease of maintenance and greater portability
Programs are easily deployed across various versions of Windows
Reduces the data center footprint
Faster server provisioning
Increases uptime & reduces hardware vendor lock-in
Improves disaster recovery
Extends the life of older applications
Easy deployment to the cloud

Worldwide, businesses are likely to spend US$191 bn on cloud services by 2020, predicts Forrester.

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