Desktop Virtualization

IT organizations are often challenged with the ways to effectively manage, support, and secure servers, desktops or laptops from a central location to systematize processes, control access and ensure compliance. Most of the times, supporting the desktop users can be overwhelming for an IT team, especially with growing BYOD adoption, mobile workforce, and rising security concerns. Hence, to ensure end-user productivity at minimal costs, the need for Desktop Virtualization (DV) and Management is significant in addition to precision, custom solutions, high-speed, and flexibility to meet critical business needs.

Experience the Power in your Business through Experienced Desktop Virtualization & VDI Management Skills

Integration International, Inc.,’s (i3) desktop virtualization services can reduce your computing expenses and offer a faster go-to-market strategy for better performance. Our DV solutions can simplify operations, support new devices, and improve security to improve workforce productivity and holistically look into our client’s desktop environment effectively. Using a combination of onsite and centralized remote support services, we offer a full suite of services such as – initial system deployment of desktops and software, running and protecting the computing infrastructure and supporting the users on the day-to-day basis, warranty and post-warranty break-fix support to ongoing patch management and asset management.

We also help reduce the IT costs by efficiently optimizing hardware, and software assets. Our overall services portfolio provides end-to-end management ensuring a stable, secure desktop environment that operates seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Run Windows desktop anywhere and meet changing business requirements with desktop virtualization solutions.

Our Main Focus is on:
Standardization of desktops across an organization and/or its multiple locations to ease administration
Offer feature-packed desktop management suites to reduce the TCO in clients’ organization and make it easier for them to install, configure, and manage clients
Improve productivity and minimize downtime through a stabilized desktop environment
Offer ‘Global Desktop Services’ to enable remote access support of isolated desktops from centralized locations
Provide effective Point of Contact (POC) support with guaranteed services 24*7 and 365 days a year

By centralizing the client’s desktop environment, their technical productivity and end-user aspects are enhanced, in turn freeing their IT team to focus more on strategic objectives. i3’s rich technical expertise and highly compatible end-to-end desktop management services can take an easy remote access to users’ desktops or computers to reduce downtime by resolving problems and requests.

North America expected to take majority of the market segment until 2022, owing to the growing need for applications availability in IT space.

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